Welcome to The-Destined!

The-Destined is a community of like minded gamers who are a little older and a little wiser.  We believe that you shouldn't have to hide away from your young children to play a game. The conversations on our voice server is a little cleaner and a little more grown up, the same goes for our forums, blogs, and newsletters.

We have established an awesome culture and welcome you to be part of the team.

Just know in advance that the clan is based on having fun with quality players in the games we play. We place an emphasis on the total quality of our players and how each person adds positively to the community. We are not an elite group of power gamers though we can and do compete against the best, but only around our real lives.

If you are interested in joining a solid bunch that are not afraid to say 'no' to the immature players that can make playing games a frustration instead of a joy, click the Join the Clan link.